PD Solutions Co., Ltd runs under Plan Market Gold Co., Ltd, a leader in the distribution of high voltage equipment and analyzers both domestic and international. We aim to provide service in PD testing without having to go offline. Using advanced sensors and analyzers along with certified engineers specialized in both MV and HV currents, we can provide substantial service to esteemed clients.
       In high voltage equipment, insulation is the most crucial aspect allowing the equipment to maintain its capability. Deterioration in an equipment’s insulation allows partial discharge (PD) to occur. Using sensors and analyzers to detect PD in equipment allows detection of deterioration before an explosion would occur. The normal annual inspection is not as effective and requires additional costs in the detection of PD when compared to online PD tests.
       Currently, problems circulating PD in high voltage electrical apparatuses have caused costly damage to repair the equipment. Therefore, our company aims to provide service in testing and consultation on PD relating to high voltage equipment. Sensors and analyzers used in testing are compact and portable with an easy interface for quick and effective analysis. In addition, device usage has a global reference from elite companies and certified electrical authorities. Future goals are aimed towards expanding our service and consultations in hopes to cover other aspects of work regarding high voltage electrics.

Our Work